The Spinone is an ancient Italian hunting breed, a member of the HPR (Hunt Point Retrieve) sub group of Gundogs.
He has a unique fast trotting action, capable of covering a large area whilst hunting.
His scenting ability is excellent and his thick skin and tough wiry coat enable him to enter any cover. It is amazing to watch a large Spinone negotiate a thick wall of brambles. To see a Spinone pointing game is always a highlight during a shoot.
This breed will willingly enter water or cover to retrieve shot game.
All in all this makes him a very good all round gundog.
I have always been involved in the working side, taking a team of up to three dogs out on a shoot, picking up and beating.
I started out on the Brocket Hall estate with Lucca; my first Spinone and then I joined other local shoots, with Tarka, Nina and Ccesca. Later Nando took over in this role. Now, Fresca, Rivana, Twista & Eva have become my working dogs. All my Spinoni, with their excellent ability to locate birds in thick cover have been the ideal dogs for our local shoots.

We entered our first working test in 2010 with Fresca and attended a Field Trial and 'Shot Over' Day.


Pam Beaver's Montecani Nando's Image "Bobby" gained his Junior Hunt Title
at the Wenatchee Kennel Club

5th May 2013


Alix Johnson's Montecani Rianna (Sh Ch Babiot Del Mongioie at Montecani x Montecani Moon River) gets 4th place and the Guns Award at the BWWGS Novice Field Trial

31st Oct 2011


On the 31st July 2011 some of the Montecani Spinoni attended the Bracco Italiano Society's Water Training Day. As you can see they really enjoyed themselves!

Photos (c) Jo Norman

Montecani Moon River (Ava) Hunting and on Point

Montecani Fran Ccesca (Fresca) on Point

Montecani Fran Ccesca (Fresca) Retrieve

Montecani Fran Ccesca (Fresca) & Montecani Twister (Twista)

Fresca training for water retrieve

Fresca training for water retrieve

Alix Johnson's Montecani Rianna (Dizzy)


Montecani Lucio (Lu)
(Owned by Helen Thomas)
is 1st in Puppy at West Berkshire Working Test
Working Grade training.
Level 2 of a series of 4, 'preparing your dog for the shooting field'. He was graded excellent.
Montecani Wolf Moon (Wynn)
(Owned by Helen Thomas)






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