(Little) Eva (Montecani Eva So Peachy) 2009-2019

More heartbreak and tears. Had to say goodbye to my beautiful big Girl this afternoon, after a brave, month long battle I knew she could not win. Eva was a beautiful, big, gentle girl. She never put a paw wrong and she had the biggest paws, just like her Grandad, Nando.
Eva was a gazer. One lovely memory is her sitting in the dark at the top of the garden, just star gazing. I can picture it now, just the back of her, sitting quietly. I sat alongside her and she turned her head to look into my eyes and we just sat there, a perfect moment in time, forever etched on my mind.
Eva, you made John and I laugh with your battering down of the dog gate into the living room and then you would burst in at 100mph and flop down to sleep instantly, warm and happy by the log burner.
This morning I could tell you were tired. I felt we had reached the end and those big beautiful eyes of yours said the same. We sat and held paws and everytime I moved away, those eyes were on me. You loved Mum, Eva..I hope she was there waiting for you and you can both dance together like no one's watching.....



New arrival from the USA


Montecani Ulla Uma's Image
Born: 28th August 2018

Bred by Pam Beaver and Emily Mathis from the two Montecani dogs, Bobby and Valentina that I sent out to Pam 7 and 4 years ago.










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