Tarka was my foundation bitch, bred by Gael Stenton.
The moment I saw her at 8 weeks old, I knew she was special. She proved her worth in the show ring and as a great producer, rearing three beautiful litters and passing on her quality down several generations
She excelled in the field, still picking up and working the beating line at 12 years old.
Gaesten Pinot Roas del Montecani

We kept Roma from Tarka’s first litter in 1992 by the legendary Wynsett Jumpin’ Jack Flash.
She had her moments in the show ring but was happier at home as Mum’s constant companion. Montecani Mystique

Beautiful Ccesca, my constant companion. She loved life. I have great memories of her with hordes of children, sitting on her bench at Crufts, having pictures taken. She loved the attention.
Together we walked 11 miles across the Malvern hills, she came to London on the train when I had my interview for my promotion, played to the crowds at Discover Dogs and spent days up on the heath when we were flying model rockets, trying to retrieve them.
She always greeted you with a smile, a real dog in a million.
I will never forget the wonderful times we shared before her life was cut short, aged 6 years old.
It broke my heart to say goodbye.Montecani Mighty Aphrodite
Ccesca (centre) on the Malvern hills
Ccesca with Eva's pups

In the summer of 2006 we had to say goodbye to Armando Nannina (Nina), aged 15 and a half.
She was my third Spinone, a bit of a madam and very stubborn, but a fantastic hunting dog, working up till the age of 10.
She spent her retirement years living with my mum.

Poor Cashmere from Bella and Chicco's litter developed an infection at 11 weeks old and despite all efforts, the vets were unable to save him. We wanted to put him on the Memories page for his devoted owners Jon and Shelley. They wrote these few words. Montecani Tremelo
"Cashmere was only in our lives for a short time, but in that time he touched our hearts in a way that will stay with everyone who loved him forever. He may be gone to be forever young, but will never, ever be forgotten."

Cuba has 4 CC's & 4 RCC's
15th September 1999 - 9th November 2008

Epithelium Nostromo at Hollutrix (Imp) x Sh Ch Montecani Peaches

Cuba, full of character, very naughty and was definitely Top Dog at Montecani. Her favourite pastime was scavenging and running off! Sh Ch Montecani Cuba

Eva has 3 CC's & 2 RCC's
15th September 1994 - 4th December 2009
Hip Score 4:3

Wynsett Jumpin’ Jack Flash x Gaesten Pinot Rosa Del Montecani
Eva was my first homebred Champion, also known as 'Raggy'
Always happiest lying by the Aga or out in the Sun, she preferred a laid back approach to life!
She lived to the grand old age of Fifteen and a Half and is still sadly missed.

Sh Ch Montecani Peaches

Nando has 3 CC's & 1 RCC
2nd September 1997 - 12th February 2011
Hip Score 2:4
Sh Ch Brody Dal Podere Antico at Wynsett x Sh Ch Montecani Peaches
Sh Ch Montecani Millenium Gold
On 12th February 2011 I had to say Goodbye to Nando, aged 13. He was a true Dog in a Million. Never put a paw wrong thoughout his whole life. He was the sweetest boy you could ever meet and everyone who met him fell instantly in love. Not only a Show Champion and excellent Gundog, he was my 'Big Man' and was so very special to me.

If it should be that I grow weak,
and pain should keep me from my sleep,
then you must do what must be done,
for this last battle can't be won.

You will be sad, I understand,
don't let your grief then stay your hand,
for this day more than all the rest,
your love for me must stand the test.

We've had so many happy years,
what is to come must hold no fears,
you'd not want me to suffer so,
the time has come please let me go.

Take me to where my needs they'll tend,
and please stay with me to the end,
hold me firm and speak to me,
until my eyes no longer see.

Please do not grieve it must be you,
who has this painful thing to do,
we've been so close, we two these years,
don't let your heart hold back the tears.

"A good dog never dies. He always stays. He walks besides you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter's drawing near. His head is within our hand in his old way."
~Mary Carolyn Davies

Gaesten Pinot Rosa del Montecani - Montecani Mystique - Sh Ch Montecani Peaches - Montecani Mighty Ap


Ava has 1 CC
6th March 2003 - 23rd October 2011
Hip Score 5:8

Sh Ch Brody Dal Podere Antico at Wynsett (Imp) x Montecani It’s a Love Thing
Montecani Moon River

Ava knew she was beautiful and loved to have her picture taken!
In Feb 2008 Ava produced a lovely litter with Babio, see Previous litters

Semi Retired from the ring, but appeared at Crufts 2011 in Veteran winning a second place.

We lost Ava at 8 years old due to vet negligence, after a routine operation to spay her and remove mammary tumours. The tribunal went to stage 4 of 5 and the vet was put on report for 2 years, narrowly avoiding being struck off. It broke my heart and is something I will never come to terms with.

I wrote these poems for her.

A Year On...
I often sit and wonder why
A dog so beautiful had to die
A heart so strong
Those eyes so bright
You should not have died, that awful night
Every day I cry and see your face
You should be here, not in that place
Hunting woods and fields with Riv
And the visitors we have, your love to give
There is no sense, I should have saved ya...
I love you so much,
My beautiful Ava…x

On long Summer nights
She still sees your face
In the golden, swaying field
Your hunting place...
The dive of the Swallow.
The rise of the Lark
She would wait forever for you, as it grows dark
At the end of the walk, an empty lead..
She knows you won't come home..
Your hunting has greater need...
Her face crumples as she remembers those years
When you would come home
And there would be no tears...

hrodite - Sh Ch Montecani Millenium Gold - Sh Ch Montecani Cuba -Armando Nannina - Montecani Tremelo


Born: 10th September 2008
Hip Score 3:3

Epithelium Peppone x Dragma Noroy du Plessy
Breeder: Colette De Vinck
Resides with Chris Cadman

This gorgeous boy had the sweetest, most sensitive temperament. I just loved him.
His first pups looked very promising.

Nemo went missing and died a tragic death whilst in the care of his foster home. It touched everyones heart and I recieved hundreds of messages after he was found dead. It made me rethink my policy on putting my beautiful boys in family homes and any future imports will stay with me. He was a beautiful gentle boy, gone far too soon.


Nova has 1 RCC
Born: 15th September 1999
Hip Score 4:3

Epithelium Nostromo at Hollutrix (Imp) x Sh Ch Montecani Peaches

Montecani It's A Love Thing
We said Goodbye to dear old aloof Nova at 14 years of age.

Nova was one of those dogs that never put a paw wrong. She reared two beautiful litters and had much success with her show career.
After a great return to the ring in 2007, being highly placed in all her Open classes, Nova was also campaigned during 2008.
1st Veteran Bitch Crufts 2008
Nova retired and has took over her mother Eva's favourite place by the Aga.


Born: 17th August 2002

Epithelium Nostromo at Hollutrix (imp) x Epithelium Odessa at Hollutrix (imp)
Breeder: Gaynor Berry

We lost Quiva at 11 years old.
Best Puppy In Show ISCGB Ch Show 2003, Best in Show ISCGB Open show 2004, both under Italian judges.
Quiva was lovely, a great show girl and produced two lovely litters.
Hollutrix Caianella del Montecani

Born: 20th January 2009
Hip Score 2:2

Montecani Giannini x Sh Ch Montecani Uma

Rubra, another gone too soon. Operated on for a pyometra, the vet found an inoperable pyloric tumour and we had to say Goodbye when she was only 6 years old. It was a terrible shock. If I ever want to remember her I listen to The Stylistics ..You are Beautiful....because she was.Best Puppy Leeds Championship Show

Best Puppy Bitch National Gundog Championship Show
Best Puppy Bitch Bournemouth Championship Show
Best Puppy Bitch Richmond Championship Show
Best Puppy Bitch Driffield Championship Show

Gorgeous girl and the sweetest nature.

Babio has 3 CC's & 5 RCC's
Born: 11th June 2005
Hip Score 3:2

Ferentum Pirro x Nausicaa dei Siccardi
Breeder: Irma Bovolo
Resides with Jackie Davies

Now retired from Stud and the Show Ring


Sh Ch Babiot Del Mongioie at Montecani (Imp Ita)
We drove to Italy in August 2005 to collect Babio, he spent 6 months in Quarantine and we brought him home in February. He has settled in well and has a lovely temperament. Babio has exceeded our expectations in the show ring and has either won or been placed 2nd in all his PG classes of 2007.
At his first show of 2008, Manchester Champ Show he won 1st Post Grad dog.
He is also siring lovely puppies with great characters.
A great start to 2009, Babio won his first CC at Manchester Champ show in January and then continued his winning ways by taking the CC at the world's greatest dog show, CRUFTS in March!
The all important 3rd CC came in June 2009 at Border Union.






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