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Ava & Quiva sharing a bed
Best Buddies - Havana & Uma
Has it stopped raining yet? - Cuba
Eva's best sheep impression!
Havana caught red handed!
Havana with feather!
Close friends - Havana & Uma
I can't see you! - Nando
Tug of War - Havana & Uma
Siena with feather!
Siena Zzzzzzzz!
Nina pointing Dandelions!
Ava in the jungle
Fresca climbing
Mum's head makes a good cushion!
Dogs on a grooming table
Flying Fresca!
Fresca lounging around
Fresca flying with friend
Cuba in the toy box!
And the winner of the spinone lifting competition is...
I'm sure I saw Mum drop a crisp in here yesterday.....
.....I can smell it, but where the hell is it?
If I stay still long enough I might blend in
I'm gonna get you little puppy
Give me a bunk up, I wanna practice my doggy paddle
Do my paws look big in this?
Pleeaase No Photos until I contact my agent!
Trying to stay dry!
Stop watching me, I'm trying to concentrate!
When Dad's away....
Uma approaching Pizza
One sprig or two?
Fred squashed up on her bed
Nemo helping with chores
Twista, mountain climbing
Siena, Minni The Moocher
Twista, found me a bug up here
Twista on the bench
Twista headstand
Who's gonna pull my thang?
Twista to the rescue
Eva in the towel rack
Tin Can Twista
Washing up!
BBQ Cleaning
Spinone mouth can conceal may things!
Oh, do I have to be stripped...
I think you will find this hair belongs to me...
Get off!!!







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